Exclusive Olfactory Jewels: Discover the New Collection of Eau de Parfum Jewel by Roccobarocco

Roccobarocco, famous for its distinctive expression in the world of fashion, once again finds its way into the hearts of lovers of luxury and elegance with its latest creation: the "Jewel" Eau de Parfum collection. Four fragrances, four precious olfactory jewels, inspired by precious metals - Platinum, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Iron - stand as wearable works of art, transforming the concept of perfume into an authentic sensorial experience.

The Elegance of Precious Metals: Platinum, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Iron

The new Roccobarocco collection goes beyond the traditional concept of perfume: each fragrance, like a unique jewel, has been carefully conceived to evoke unique and impalpable sensations.

  • Platinum Dream: It embodies exclusivity and refinement. The fragrance opens with sparkling and fresh notes and then evolves into a symphony of elegance and sophistication.
  • Golden Bouquet: An ode to wealth and luxury. This fragrance expresses warmth and opulence through an enveloping combination of precious notes.
  • Shiny Rose: Delicate and seductive, this perfume embodies grace and femininity. A sophisticated blend of floral and fruity notes that captures the essence of effortless elegance.
  • Iron Extreme: Strength and determination take shape in this strong and bold fragrance. Intense and deep notes blend to create a timeless and enveloping aroma.

Olfactory Jewelry: The Art of Wearing Perfumes

Each bottle, elegant and refined, embodies the personality of its corresponding precious metal. The design is an ode to craftsmanship and beauty, similar to a jewel decorating your dressing table. But the real magic lies in the sensory experience offered by these fragrances.

The fragrances of the "Jewel" collection by Roccobarocco are designed to be worn as precious accessories. Like a jewel that completes an outfit, each of these fragrances adds a touch of luxury and personality, emphasizing the uniqueness of the wearer.

The Expression of Your Personality: Choose Your Olfactory Jewel

The "Jewel" collection by Roccobarocco offers an emotional journey through the sense of smell, allowing anyone to choose the fragrance that best represents their essence and personality. Whether you are attracted by the refinement of Platinum, the warm opulence of Yellow Gold, the delicate femininity of Rose Gold or the decisive strength of Iron, there is an olfactory jewel ready to accompany you on your daily journey.

These Eau de Parfums are not just fragrances: they are true sensorial works of art, wearable jewels that leave a unique imprint wherever you go.

Choose your favorite "Jewel" and let your essence express itself through a touch of luxury and refinement.

Never Forever: emotion and passion by John Richmond

Never forever is the new women's perfume by John Richmond that exudes sensuality, freedom and non-conformist style.

The market release of never forever is for November 2023, the rock'n'roll and rebellious fragrance offers an olfactory experience at the limits of passion and wants to establish itself as a style icon. A long lasting fragrance that combines the highest quality raw materials while respecting the environment, with 94% of the ingredients biodegradable, the John Richmond perfume is an expression of responsible luxury.

The prestigious blood red bottle is sealed with a broken heart with silver studs, the brand's recurring motif. "Love Hurts" but it's always worth the pain

The precious scarlet red packaging with embossed skin effect in 50ml and 100ml Eau de Parfum, 200ml Shower gel and 200ml Body lotion.


Black metal man - best male olfactory creation 2023

Best male olfactory creation 2023

Milan, 26 September 2023 – Accademia del Profumo, at the Strehler Theatre, opens the curtain on the Milan Beauty Week, and proclaims the winning fragrances of its Award in the nine categories and in the two competing awards of the 2023 edition. The final of the 2023 Accademia del Profumo Prize is characterized by a kaleidoscope of artistic expressions that highlight the craftsmanship and authenticity of the theatre.

The presenter Giorgia Venturini and the artist Samuele Sbrighi have the task of uniting all the categories of the winning fragrances in the competition in a multifaceted artistic and perfumed story.

A scenography is dedicated to each category; for example, a choreography of dancing artists and musicians, or again: a narrative voice - like that of Neri Marcorè -, a magic number - entrusted to the hands of the Magician Casanova After the pre-selections by the Quality Juries (specific for each category) followed by the Nomination Jury (made up of around a hundred experts including representatives of the sector, media and distribution), the Technical Jury, made up of the steering commission of the Accademia del Profumo, representatives from retail, beauty journalists and bloggers, seven categories are entrusted; For the Best Olfactory Creation category (voted in all phases strictly in blind) the winners are Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc Noir Rose Eau de Parfum for the women's fragrance and Black Metal Man John Richmond for the men's;

This important recognition confirms the commercial success of this very high quality men's perfume.


Replay - Source of life - Fragrances free by nature

Replay - Source of life

Source of life is the name that represents the creative spirit of Replay's new men's and women's perfumes.

The fragrances evoke the vigor of water, perfectly in tune with the scents of the environment that surrounds us.
Formulated to satisfy the senses, they create a perfect symbiosis with the planet.

Innovation for Replay also means attention to environmental issues. This commitment has led to the creation of a capsule in the Replay Apparel collection, totally made with organic fibers and dyed with ZDHC eco-certified mineral pigments, which marries the philosophy of "Reconnection with planet Earth", discussion platforms that invite participants to explore how cultural beliefs and personal values ​​influencing the way we see and treat Planet Earth. This sensitivity has inspired Italart, licensee of the brand, in the creation of the new Replay fragrances.

The careful selection of raw materials, the choice of primary and secondary packaging materials and of the finishes themselves follows a logic of respect for the environment and adherence to the principle of the 3 R (reduce, reuse, recycle) The purity and exclusivity of the fragrances in the new Source of Life collection are guaranteed by the Orpur® label, which Givaudan assigns to the best natural raw materials, individually selected with great care and which represent the 'grand cru' of essences.


The particular shape of the bottles refers to pebbles smoothed by sea water. A total fusion with the environment that can be found in bamboo caps, a super sustainable resource, because it's a plant with a particularly rapid growth rate and therefore highly renewable. Furthermore, the cap of the 100ml is immediately and totally recyclable, because the grip of the capsule is made of cork, with low environmental impact.


John Richmond's Black Metal Man in the final

Black Metal Man - Award 2023 Accademia del profumo

Black metal Man by John Richmond earns the final and is among the three men's perfumes chosen by the expert juries of the Perfume Academy as the best olfactory creation of 2022.

This precious award that is assigned to perfumes that stand out for the pleasantness of the fragrance, the quality level of the raw materials and the classification and the olfactory novelty compared to the Italian market, suggests the success that the fragrance is having with consumers.


John Richmond Black metal man - elegant and irreverent

The launch of John Richmond's new Black metal man perfume is scheduled for November 2022.

Dedicated to all men who live modernity by combining physicality, style and intelligence. this masculine fragrance enriches the Black Metal line created in 2021, with the release of the feminine perfume which is already a must for elegance and transgression.

The bottle reflects the soul of the brand with a bright black color and a silver studded cap.


The fragrance brings together floral notes of violet, iris and rose combined with soft leather with a touch of amber, patchouli and hints of cardamom, bergamot and orange.

available in the best perfumeries.

for more info : https://italartprofumi.com/brand-john-richmond/



Earth made by Replay - natural body fragrance

Thanks to Italart and Replay's sensitivity towards the environment, the first collection of natural fragrances for the body "Earth made" was born.

The name of the "Earth made" collection recalls the natural origin of the materials:

100% VEGAN

The names of the fragrances recall places where nature has run its undisturbed course over millions of years and where we would like it to continue its cycle without human pollution.


About ten million years ago, the waters crossed the sandstone to the west and the Amazon River began to flow eastward. At that time the Amazon rainforest was born, the great tropical rainforest that occupies the drainage basin of the Amazon River and its tributaries in northern South America and covering an area of ​​6,000,000 square km. Its forest extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the wooded edge of the Andes in the west.
The lush vegetation includes a wide variety of trees and the Rainforest is the richest and most diverse biological reservoir in the world, containing several million species of insects, plants, birds and other life forms, many of which are not yet cataloged by scientists.


More than 100 million years ago, Antarctica was part of the supercontinent Gondwana. Over time, Gondwana gradually broke up and Antarctica as we know it today formed about 25 million years ago when the Drake Passage opened between Antarctica and South America..
Antarctica is the coldest, windiest and least populated of the world's continents. It has a unique landscape, particular ecosystems and is one of the true wilderness areas in the world.
Antarctica has a recent history regarding its discovery, while much earlier European geographers of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance hypothesized the Terra Australis Incognita, a mythical land in the far south.


Antelope Canyon is the product of millions of years of water erosion. This natural geographic point was formed about five or six million years ago when the erosion of the Colorado River carved a deep channel through layers of rock. In fact, the Navajo name of Upper Antelope Canyon is "Tse 'bighanilini", which means "the place where water flows through the rocks", and it attracts nature lovers near and far for its remarkable and mysterious beauty. The canyon walls climb 120 feet above the creek bed, making it a wavy-looking red sandstone cathedral.
The Grand Canyon contains some of the oldest rocks discovered on Earth. The mile-high walls reveal a cross section of the earth's crust dating back nearly two billion years. These rock strata gave geologists the opportunity to study evolution over time.


In the heart of Italy, things have changed little here since the 10th century BC, when the region was inhabited by the Etruscans, a tribe that settled there and whose descendants are found in almost all the villages of this region.

The distinctive landscape is a mixture of rolling hills that flow into sharp-topped mountains, where time seems to have stood still. You will be struck to see how centuries of human intervention have respected and worked in symbiosis with the environment, embellishing the rolling hills with cypress tree-lined avenues, planting silvery vineyards and olive groves and building peaceful and harmonious villages and towns.


Italart lays the foundations to grow on foreign markets

Thanks to the entrepreneurial choices that combine the appeal of licensed perfume brands, the quality and experience in creating perfumes with the internationalization of communication, Italart is already recording strong growth in collaborations with foreign distributors since the end of 2021. bringing a constant growth of the turnover both at European and intercontinental level.

The contribution of € 10,000 from the Emilia Romagna region thanks to the European regional fund also contributed to this development:


Unknown Pleasures the exclusive eau de parfum by John Richmond

The Unknown Pleasures collection designed by John Richmond is born with an elegant bottle in matt black satin glass and a rigid cardboard box that are in harmony with the luxurious and minimal style of the collection.


The distinctive fragrances that make up the luxurious collection combine unconventional raw materials such as licorice and saffron with classic accords defined as woods, amber and spices.
The collection consists of 4 different fragrances each dedicated to the pleasure of wearing blends of exclusive and high quality essential oils to express luxury and sensuality.
Dedicated to a self-confident consumer who is looking for something distinctive and unique.

Mysterious woods

find out more about the collection

Brand John Richmond


Fashion Box, a leading company in premium denim and international casualwear to which the Replay brand belongs, has chosen our experience and our vocation for eco-sustainable production for the creation and distribution of perfumes and related cosmetic products.

La licenza esclusiva a livello mondiale avrà inizio con il lancio della nuova linea di natural body fragrances EARTH MADE a luglio 2022, che rappresenterà la perfetta espressione del DNA e della forte identità di Fashion box - Replay - all’approccio etico e sostenibile nella creazione dei prodotti.


Alberto Tanzi, CEO of Italart: “It is a real pride and a pleasure to be able to collaborate with Replay, a leading international brand in the denim segment, with whom we share dynamism, values and an emic and ethical approach.

Matteo Sinigaglia, CEO of Fashion Box spa, comments: “Italart is an Italian company that is characterized by strong research and creativity, for a vertical management of its production chain and which operates through a consolidated and selected international network. Thanks to a vision that is very attentive to respect for the environment, it is the right partner to guarantee our beauty lines an international presence in compliance with a correct brand positioning

With these words, the two CEOs commented on this new partnership.