Roccobarocco, famous for its distinctive expression in the world of fashion, once again finds its way into the hearts of lovers of luxury and elegance with its latest creation: the “Jewel” Eau de Parfum collection. Four fragrances, four precious olfactory jewels, inspired by precious metals – Platinum, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Iron – stand as wearable works of art, transforming the concept of perfume into an authentic sensorial experience.

The Elegance of Precious Metals: Platinum, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Iron

The new Roccobarocco collection goes beyond the traditional concept of perfume: each fragrance, like a unique jewel, has been carefully conceived to evoke unique and impalpable sensations.

  • Platinum Dream: It embodies exclusivity and refinement. The fragrance opens with sparkling and fresh notes and then evolves into a symphony of elegance and sophistication.
  • Golden Bouquet: An ode to wealth and luxury. This fragrance expresses warmth and opulence through an enveloping combination of precious notes.
  • Shiny Rose: Delicate and seductive, this perfume embodies grace and femininity. A sophisticated blend of floral and fruity notes that captures the essence of effortless elegance.
  • Iron Extreme: Strength and determination take shape in this strong and bold fragrance. Intense and deep notes blend to create a timeless and enveloping aroma.

Olfactory Jewelry: The Art of Wearing Perfumes

Each bottle, elegant and refined, embodies the personality of its corresponding precious metal. The design is an ode to craftsmanship and beauty, similar to a jewel decorating your dressing table. But the real magic lies in the sensory experience offered by these fragrances.

The fragrances of the “Jewel” collection by Roccobarocco are designed to be worn as precious accessories. Like a jewel that completes an outfit, each of these fragrances adds a touch of luxury and personality, emphasizing the uniqueness of the wearer.

The Expression of Your Personality: Choose Your Olfactory Jewel

The “Jewel” collection by Roccobarocco offers an emotional journey through the sense of smell, allowing anyone to choose the fragrance that best represents their essence and personality. Whether you are attracted by the refinement of Platinum, the warm opulence of Yellow Gold, the delicate femininity of Rose Gold or the decisive strength of Iron, there is an olfactory jewel ready to accompany you on your daily journey.

These Eau de Parfums are not just fragrances: they are true sensorial works of art, wearable jewels that leave a unique imprint wherever you go.

Choose your favorite “Jewel” and let your essence express itself through a touch of luxury and refinement.