Black metal man - best male olfactory creation 2023

Best male olfactory creation 2023

Milan, 26 September 2023 – Accademia del Profumo, at the Strehler Theatre, opens the curtain on the Milan Beauty Week, and proclaims the winning fragrances of its Award in the nine categories and in the two competing awards of the 2023 edition. The final of the 2023 Accademia del Profumo Prize is characterized by a kaleidoscope of artistic expressions that highlight the craftsmanship and authenticity of the theatre.

The presenter Giorgia Venturini and the artist Samuele Sbrighi have the task of uniting all the categories of the winning fragrances in the competition in a multifaceted artistic and perfumed story.

A scenography is dedicated to each category; for example, a choreography of dancing artists and musicians, or again: a narrative voice - like that of Neri Marcorè -, a magic number - entrusted to the hands of the Magician Casanova After the pre-selections by the Quality Juries (specific for each category) followed by the Nomination Jury (made up of around a hundred experts including representatives of the sector, media and distribution), the Technical Jury, made up of the steering commission of the Accademia del Profumo, representatives from retail, beauty journalists and bloggers, seven categories are entrusted; For the Best Olfactory Creation category (voted in all phases strictly in blind) the winners are Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc Noir Rose Eau de Parfum for the women's fragrance and Black Metal Man John Richmond for the men's;

This important recognition confirms the commercial success of this very high quality men's perfume.


Italart lays the foundations to grow on foreign markets

Thanks to the entrepreneurial choices that combine the appeal of licensed perfume brands, the quality and experience in creating perfumes with the internationalization of communication, Italart is already recording strong growth in collaborations with foreign distributors since the end of 2021. bringing a constant growth of the turnover both at European and intercontinental level.

The contribution of € 10,000 from the Emilia Romagna region thanks to the European regional fund also contributed to this development:



Fashion Box, a leading company in premium denim and international casualwear to which the Replay brand belongs, has chosen our experience and our vocation for eco-sustainable production for the creation and distribution of perfumes and related cosmetic products.

La licenza esclusiva a livello mondiale avrà inizio con il lancio della nuova linea di natural body fragrances EARTH MADE a luglio 2022, che rappresenterà la perfetta espressione del DNA e della forte identità di Fashion box - Replay - all’approccio etico e sostenibile nella creazione dei prodotti.


Alberto Tanzi, CEO of Italart: “It is a real pride and a pleasure to be able to collaborate with Replay, a leading international brand in the denim segment, with whom we share dynamism, values and an emic and ethical approach.

Matteo Sinigaglia, CEO of Fashion Box spa, comments: “Italart is an Italian company that is characterized by strong research and creativity, for a vertical management of its production chain and which operates through a consolidated and selected international network. Thanks to a vision that is very attentive to respect for the environment, it is the right partner to guarantee our beauty lines an international presence in compliance with a correct brand positioning

With these words, the two CEOs commented on this new partnership.


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The commitment and development in the search for sustainable materials in the production of perfumes, has not escaped the attentive eyes of the leading newspaper in Italy in the economic and financial sector "Il Sole 24 ore" which has decided to dedicate an article to Italart in the paragraph:

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