Fashion Box, a leading company in premium denim and international casualwear to which the Replay brand belongs, has chosen our experience and our vocation for eco-sustainable production for the creation and distribution of perfumes and related cosmetic products.

La licenza esclusiva a livello mondiale avrà inizio con il lancio della nuova linea di natural body fragrances EARTH MADE a luglio 2022, che rappresenterà la perfetta espressione del DNA e della forte identità di Fashion box – Replay – all’approccio etico e sostenibile nella creazione dei prodotti.


Alberto Tanzi, CEO of Italart: “It is a real pride and a pleasure to be able to collaborate with Replay, a leading international brand in the denim segment, with whom we share dynamism, values and an emic and ethical approach.

Matteo Sinigaglia, CEO of Fashion Box spa, comments: “Italart is an Italian company that is characterized by strong research and creativity, for a vertical management of its production chain and which operates through a consolidated and selected international network. Thanks to a vision that is very attentive to respect for the environment, it is the right partner to guarantee our beauty lines an international presence in compliance with a correct brand positioning

With these words, the two CEOs commented on this new partnership.