We are a British luxury brand with a non-conformist attitude.We are inspired by an eclectic range of sources, from post-punk to tribal motifs.

We are influenced by the energy, creativity and unpredictability of young people and street culture. A brand with style and attitude.

Never Forever

John Richmond launches 'Never Forever', a women's fragrance that is an enchanting symphony of sensual allure.The blood-red bottle is sealed by a broken heart with silver studs, the brand's recurring motif. 'Love Hurts', but it is always worth it. Exuding intense passion and sacrifice, John Richmond's 'Never Forever' maintains the iconic Rock 'n' Roll attitude; a rebellious, yet playful fragrance that you want to last forever.

Lemon and bitter orange intertwine with a seductive caramel embrace, awakening desires. Blooming jasmine dances with warm spices and delicate orange blossom, igniting passion. As the scent lingers, the oak moss, precious grey amber and velvety musks leave an irresistible emotion.

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Black metal man

Black Metal Man, the new perfume created in 2022 by John Richmond is dedicated to all men who live modernity by combining physicality, style and intelligence.

The fragrance brings together floral notes of violet, iris and rose combined with soft leather with a touch of amber, patchouli and hints of cardamom, bergamot and orange. The packaging and bottle reflect the soul of the brand with a bright black color and studded cap.

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Unknown pleasures

unknown pleasure

John Richmond signs the luxurious 'Unknown pleasures' collection. The collection contains four eau de parfumes skilfully created by the world's best 'noses' such as Jordi Fernandez, Veronique Nyberg and Guillaume Flavigny and is aimed at a 'Sharable' clientele looking for long-lasting quality fragrances that are able to lead the senses to the discovery of secret and mysterious pleasures. The elegant matt black satin glass bottle and the hard cardboard case are in harmony with the collection's luxurious and minimalist style.

Acid bomb

The explosive harmony between the strength of Mediterranean citrus fruits and selected spices will hit all hearts, female and male alike, like a bombshell.
Acid bomb ignites insatiable passions with great personality, becoming the mysterious additive to your disarming charm. Impose your personality with this premium fragrance.

Mysterious woods

Fresh notes of sparkling bergamot illuminate the spicy facets of black pepper at the top of this fragrance, then meet the elegance of Brandy Accord enhanced by a bouquet of orange blossom and subtle hints of liquorice in the heart. The base of this intense moment is a warm symphony of woody notes where sandalwood and amber woods are balanced by musky tones. Mysterious Wood is based on a subtle balance between the emotional and the rational, the intuitive and the tangible, chemistry and witchcraft, innate and experienced.

Lost rose

The finest ingredients chosen to create a floral fragrance where the mysterious power of the Turkish rose prevails. The excellent selection of raw materials combined with the quality of the workmanship create a fragrance that is stunning in its intensity and duration. The fragrance is sharable even though Lost Rose is the most feminine fragrance in the luxurious ‘Unknow Pleasure’ collection.

Hidden Amber

The elegance and charisma of the Orient are concealed in the luxurious tones of this amber fragrance.
The fine ingredients are designed for women and men who want to enjoy the best in life by imposing their originality and attracting the attention they deserve. The initial spicy tones of bergamot and incense, skilfully combined with elegant floral notes, will give you a luxurious, balanced and mysterious fragrance

Black metal woman

Black Metal Woman is John Richmond's 2021 new release dedicated to all women with a strong character who know how to assert themselves in love and at work. The bottle design with punk rock tips underline its personality

In the fragrance we find all the joyful and irresistible irreverence of bergamot and lemon that meet the delicately spiced green freshness of elemi. The sensuality of the black rose appears in the heart, tattooing an unforgettable and disturbing scent on the skin. Balsamic and fresh shades of davana mixed with the powerful diffusivity of mahonial, resume soft leather notes with tonka bean, hypnotic patchouli and precious amber as in a harmonious symphony.

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Photograph by Brian Adams

John Richmond For Men

John Richmond for Men is a fragrance with an amber and spicy spirit. Present on the market since 2010, this perfume has become the symbol of a young generation, transgressive, at the same time natural and rock.

The strong personality of the perfume is already in the top notes such as ginger, bergamot and African orange blossom, then continues with heart notes such as watermelon, pepper, Cardamom and Rosemary and base notes such as cedar of Virginia, amber and musk

John Richmond for Woman

John Richmond for Woman is a feminine and seductive perfume that evokes feelings of energy and optimism. Dedicated to a creative and life-loving woman, with an extraordinary, determined and cordial character, who is looking for a different and unique perfume to express her femininity.

The fragrance is intense, flowery and fruity, opens with sparkling and energizing pink grapefruit, juicy pear and wild blackberry; in the flowery heart we find magnolia, white lily and narcissus; the trail is vibrant, characterized by patchouli, sandalwood and amber. The bottle with an essential and modern design is enriched by a padlock hanging from the neck.