Replay – Source of life

Source of life is the name that represents the creative spirit of Replay’s new men’s and women’s perfumes.

The fragrances evoke the vigor of water, perfectly in tune with the scents of the environment that surrounds us.
Formulated to satisfy the senses, they create a perfect symbiosis with the planet.

Innovation for Replay also means attention to environmental issues. This commitment has led to the creation of a capsule in the Replay Apparel collection, totally made with organic fibers and dyed with ZDHC eco-certified mineral pigments, which marries the philosophy of “Reconnection with planet Earth”, discussion platforms that invite participants to explore how cultural beliefs and personal values ​​influencing the way we see and treat Planet Earth. This sensitivity has inspired Italart, licensee of the brand, in the creation of the new Replay fragrances.

The careful selection of raw materials, the choice of primary and secondary packaging materials and of the finishes themselves follows a logic of respect for the environment and adherence to the principle of the 3 R (reduce, reuse, recycle) The purity and exclusivity of the fragrances in the new Source of Life collection are guaranteed by the Orpur® label, which Givaudan assigns to the best natural raw materials, individually selected with great care and which represent the ‘grand cru’ of essences.


The particular shape of the bottles refers to pebbles smoothed by sea water. A total fusion with the environment that can be found in bamboo caps, a super sustainable resource, because it’s a plant with a particularly rapid growth rate and therefore highly renewable. Furthermore, the cap of the 100ml is immediately and totally recyclable, because the grip of the capsule is made of cork, with low environmental impact.