John Richmond’s new perfume for women is born, BLACK METAL


Black Metal is the big news of 2021 that John Richmond wanted to dedicate to all women with a strong character who know how to impose themselves in love and at work.

In the top notes you can feel all the joyful and irresistible irreverence of bergamot and lemon that meet the green and delicately spiced freshness of elemi.

The sensuality of the black rose appears in the heart, tattooing an unforgettable and disturbing scent on the skin. Balsamic and fresh davana nuances, mixed with the powerful diffusivity of mahonial, take up the soft leather notes with tonka bean, hypnotic patchouli and precious amber as in a harmonious symphony.


The bottle designed by John Richmond reflects his luxurious and unconventional style, inspired by an eclectic range of sources, from post punk to tribal motifs and influenced by the creativity and unpredictability of young people, by “street culture”, offering a unique style and strong distinctive characters.


Bathroom products

Body lotion

A moisturizing and emollient body lotion with the romantic and transgressive notes of the Black Metal fragrance in which the irreverent notes of lemon and bergamot are appreciated combined with the sensuality of the black rose.

Fluid and light emulsion, smooth and easily absorbed, it melts delicately on the skin, leaving it soft and silky.

Shower Gel

Shower gel with a romantic and transgressive scent, forms a soft foam, leaves the skin pleasantly scented.