Replay presents the new 'Source of life' perfumes. The collection offers an eau de parfum for women and an eau de toilette for men, both made from natural Orpur® raw materials. The fragrances evoke the vigour of water and the scents of unspoilt nature.

The particular shape of the bottles draws inspiration from the glass panes polished by sea water and deposited on the beach, drawing attention to natural elements, sources of life, such as water, and to concepts of recycling of materials and safeguarding nature.

Also respecting the planet is the bottle cap made of bamboo, a quickly renewable resource with a low environmental impact.

Source of life* Woman 30ML – 50ML – 100ML

A female fragrance inspired by the majestic beauty of the Earth’s springs. With its invigorating aquatic notes, this clean, sparkling fragrance captures the essence of the refreshing flow of the sea and brings a liquid sensation that awakens the senses and is like a fresh wave of joy.

Source of life* Man 30ML – 50ML – 100ML

A tribute to planet Earth and the beauty of its elements. A fragrance that captures the essence of wet earth notes and gives your senses a vital and invigorating experience. The perfect fragrance for the man who wants to bring a spark of energy into his daily routine.

Adv campaign

Earth made was inspired by a capsule from the Replay apparel collection made entirely from organic fibres and dyed with ZDHC-certified eco mineral pigments, espousing the philosophy of -reconnection with planet Earth-.

Four natural body fragrances whose names pay homage to the naturalness of the colours of the earth - Tuscany Yellow, Antartica Blue, Amazonian Green, Arizona Orange - to be translated into a vibrant palette of essential recycled glass bottles.

The fragrances are genderless eau de toilette of certified natural origin, 100% vegan and with vegetable-based alcohols ensure long lasting and persistent fragrance, a totally eco-green packaging creates the perfect wrapping for these innovative fragrances. Antarctica blue and Amazonian Green are enriched with Thalassogaia™ and Phytogaia™ extracts, ensuring maximum physical and mental well-being and the beneficial effects of natural extracts.

ANTARCTICA BLUE - Natural body fragrance 200 ml – Eau de Toilette

Deep breaths of invigorating Antarctic air enriched with Thalassogaia™ extracts to reproduce the beneficial effects of marine environments. The natural fragrance opens with bergamot, cardamom and basil, with their freshness meeting seductive notes of patchouli and vetiver, which are illuminated by pink pepper and enveloped by an intense woody amber accord.

THALASSOGAIA™ - The natural benefits of the ocean in a fragrance

Antarctica blue Replay eau de toilette contains Thalassogaia™.
From the study of ocean atmospheres and coastal environments, Givaudan developed the extract Thalassogaia™. Drawing on the stimulating environment of the beach, Givaudan scientists conducted ScentTrek™ analyses, using headspace technology, to develop a collection of Thalassogaia™ perfume accords that mimic the composition of the marine environment. The accord collection is designed to trigger the calming sensation of being immersed in water and can be used in all fragrance categories, from air care to personal care.

AMAZONIAN GREEN - Natural body fragrance 200 ml – Eau de Toilette

The soul of the forest in a bottle enriched with Phytogaia™ extracts to bring all the benefits of natural plant extracts into a fragrance.
The head is a cocktail of fresh lime mixed with tropical pineapple and brightened with pink pepper. Green notes appear accompanied by the assertive characters of iris and cedar wood. The whole rests on a reassuring cloud of musk and addictive tonka.

PHYTOGAIA™ - Plant wellness in a fragrance by Givaudan

The eau de toilette Amazonian green Replay contains Phytogaia™.
Inspired by the Japanese art of forest bathing, Phytogaia™ captures the wellness benefits of molecules emitted from forest trees that have been shown to have a positive effect on people. These molecules, called phytoncides, provide wellness benefits when used in fragrances by improving the mood of consumers, reducing stress and fatigue. Givaudan’s scientific team conducted an analysis to understand its volatility and composition, and the result was translated into perfumery agreements for perfumers to create fragrances that positively influence consumers’ lives.

ARIZONA ORANGE - Natural body fragrance 200 ml – Eau de Toilette

Arizona Orange carries the spirit of thousands of years of water erosion that created the spectacular Grand Canyon. The fragrance is sparkling with citrus tones that illuminate the spicy facets of Ginger and Cinnamon, bringing them to a purifying ritual of Incense enhanced by a refined bouquet of Saffron Flowers. the Drydown of this mystical adventure is a woody symphony in which Guaiac Wood and Patchouli notes are wrapped in golden threads of Amber.

Green Motion™ 69

The eau de toilette Arizona orange Replay was developed following the highest parameters of eco-sustainability, achieving an excellent score of 69 on the GREEN MOTION™ scale designed by MANE to improve its processes and develop greener products. Easy to use, it is the only industry-proven method that evaluates the 12 principles of green chemistry of manufactured ingredients by formulating a rating on a scale from zero to 100. The higher the value, the less impactful the process.

TUSCANY YELLOW - Natural body fragrance 200 ml – Eau de Toilette

A fruity, energising breeze that pleasantly cools the hot Tuscan air. The fragrance opens with hesperidian freshness, blended with velvety peaches and seductive jasmine, wrapped in creamy sandalwood and comfortable musk.


30ML – 50ML – 100ML

Replay #TANK FOR HER captures the most iconic sides of Replay’s industrial spirit. An exclusive canister-shaped bottle in powder pink, enhanced with metal elements. Vitality and dynamism concentrated in a canister of pure energy. The fragrance is joyful and sensual with seductive gourmand notes. The composition opens with a hint of crisp apple and sparkling bitter orange, merging in the heart the volume of the enchanting rose and the narcotic facets of tuberose and jasmine. The base is sophisticated and enchanting, offering depth and warmth through a combination of creamy sandalwood and musk combined with a modern vanilla-praline accord.

30ML – 100ML

Replay #TANK FOR HIM captures the most iconic sides of Replay’s industrial spirit. An exclusive tank-shaped bottle in indigo blue, embellished with metal elements. Vitality and dynamism concentrated in a reservoir of pure energy. The fragrance is fresh and chic for an energetic and modern man. It opens with a citrus harmony of sparkling bergamot and mandarin underlined by the spiciness of cardamom and the freshness of tea leaves. An original mix of refreshing mint, spicy ginger and narcotic jasmine spreads from the heart, creating an intriguing trail. In the base, the leather accord and cedar wood convey strength and masculinity, while musk, amber woods and tonka bean give a sweet touch to the fragrance.

30ML – 100ML

Replay #TANK Plate for Her features the original tank-shaped bottle enriched with an eye-catching metallic pink finish. This new creation dedicated to Replay girls is an intoxicating fragrance combining feminine seduction and colourful happiness. Sweet red fruits play with fresh freesia and soft almond in the top notes. Seductive heart notes of narcotic jasmine, juicy peach and talcum iris are sealed by creamy vanilla, amber and tonka bean

30ML – 100ML

The bright tank-shaped bottle is dedicated to young Replay men. A unique finish decorates the iconic bottle, resulting in a creation full of courage and innovation. The fragrance is a fresh and sparkling scent dedicated to millennials. Spicy cardamom together with juicy pineapple and grapefruit create a unique fougère masterpiece. In the base notes, a woody accord lends virility to the fragrance while patchouli lends elegance to the whole creation.

30ML – 50ML – 100ML

The decoration of the iconic canister creates plays of reflections and contrasts, where the American college-style logo stands out on the front of the creation. Dedicated to determined and confident girls, #TANK CUSTOM FOR HER adds the inevitable touch of energy every day. The fragrance is a secret rendezvous between seductive honey and an elegant floral bouquet. An explosion of femininity that intoxicates the senses. The base is a magnetic embrace of sensual Patchouli, warm Vanilla and exclusive Orcanox.

30ML – 50ML – 100ML

The iconic tank-shaped bottle is decorated with a matt finish enriched by a glossy silkscreen print that recalls the customisation of the motorbike. Dedicated to charismatic people, #TANK CUSTOM FOR HIM is the perfect perfume to express personality with determination and energy. An overwhelming and intense fragrance. Sparkling citrus notes mingle with vibrant woods enriched by a unique touch of fresh aniseed. Soft woody nuances seal the whole creation.


30ML – 100ML

With its innovative design, Replay Signature aims to transpose the spirit of the Replay fashion collection into the world of perfumery. The institutional shape of the bottle is enhanced by reliefs on both sides. The camouflage motif decorates the entire bottle, making it very eye-catching. The fragrance is the new vibrant sensuality for men. It immediately seduces with its characteristic first note of pink pepper, corroborated by fresh bergamot and warm cinnamon. Aromatic mentholated geranium and pungent nutmeg develop a powerful masculine spicy blend, harmonised by balsamic rose and dry cedar wood. The base is made from precious woods, which lend strength and warmth to the fragrance along with delicate amber-musky tones

30ML – 100ML

With its innovative design, Replay Signature aims to transpose the spirit of the Replay fashion collection into the world of perfumery. The institutional shape of the bottle is enhanced by studs on both sides. The floral motif decorates the entire bottle, making it extremely elegant. The fragrance is a distinctive chypre composition with a modern femininity and seductive power. In the top note, citrus fruits diffuse their aroma to create a feeling of natural freshness. The air is scented with sweet mandarin and juicy nectarine. The enchanting heart note combines a bouquet of sensual geranium, narcotic jasmine and exotic ylang ylang that fuse their carnal facets and spread pure charm. The elegant base of dark vetiver, earthy patchouli, precious amber and pure musk harmonise this exceptional masterpiece.

30ML – 100ML

A magnificent red dragon in the round decorates the bottle, conveying strength and mystery. With this perfume, men reveal their inscrutable souls with determination, courage and energy. In the Replay Signature Red Dragon for Man fragrance, Pink Pepper and Cardamom run in a spicy, sparkling play, enter an unexpected heart of Tea and Geranium and surprise us in a base of White Woods and Vetiver. A timeless and eternally elegant fragrance for a gritty and classy man.

30ML – 100ML

Replay Signature Secret for Woman is the new fragrance that enriches the Replay Signature line. A bucolic garden in the round decorates the bottle, inviting in unspoilt nature. This creation exalts the mysterious, gentle and bucolic soul of women. The fragrance is an energetic composition that opens with a captivating accord of sparkling Petitgrain and juicy Pear. The heart reflects the femininity of a strong, powerful woman with a floral bouquet of fresh freesia and narcotic Sambac jasmine. A warm enveloping base of velvety cashmere wood and creamy vanilla seals the entire composition.

30ML – 50ML – 100ML

The packaging of Replay Signature Lovers Man was decorated with prestigious tattoos communicating a message of positive love in Biker Replay style. The fragrance opens with the fruity notes of Plum, Mandarin and Pomelo; to intertwine with the heart notes of Cardamom, Lavender and Violet on a base of Labdanum, Guaiacum Wood and Bourbon Vetiver.

30ML – 50ML – 100ML

Replay Signature Lovers Woman is an extraordinary creation in which the tattoos reproduced in the packaging are not flashy, but rather an element to communicate a message of love. The fragrance opens with the elegance of rose combined with the grace and passion of gardenia, which are tinged with a floral bouquet in the heart notes. This feminine attraction concludes gently with orchid and luxurious blends of rare amber and vanilla.


The women’s fragrance Re-Verse is part of the floral-fruity olfactory family and it has a poetic nature in which delicate petals meet lively fruity notes. Apple and strawberry accords are invigorated by sparkling grapefruit notes in the top notes. In the heart notes, we find a refined floral bouquet of jasmine and peony, enhanced by soft, velvety musky and woody accords in the background notes.


Seductive and sensual, giving self-confidence: this is the perfume by Replay, Signature Re-verse For Men. The delicate and refined fragrance belongs to the fougere-aromatic-woody olfactory family; the top notes open with citrus accords of bergamot and refreshing swirls of mint. The heart notes are striking for the versatility of the pyramid, flowing easily into the heart with icy waves of the sea and enveloping with soothing sprays of lavender. The base notes emphasise the status of the fragrance with echoes of woody nuances and warm amber trills.