Jewel - Precious Eau de Parfums

Jewel', Roccobarocco's luxurious new perfume collection, is born. It consists of four long-lasting Eau de parfums made with a high percentage of natural raw materials. The collection draws inspiration from the value of precious metals, and is dedicated to the olfactory pleasure of wearing sophisticated fragrances, displaying them as one would a precious jewel. The uniqueness and richness of the fragrances is elegantly matched by the four bottles, all in matt black glass, embellished with an embedded metal plaque and a metallic collar in a different colour for each perfume. Jewel is an Eau de parfum collection for people who want to impress all the senses with refinement, elegance and uniqueness.

Shiny Rose – Eau de Parfum - 100ml

The Shiny Rose fragrance by Roccobarocco captures the essence of floral rebellion. Spicy cloves and cinnamon blend with spicy mandarin, evoking a daring passion. Lush roses intertwine with opulent peony and earthy patchouli, revealing a floral scent and sensual heart. The finish of the fragrance is an intoxicating fusion of warm benzoin, creamy sandalwood and soft musks, leaving an unforgettable trail infused with amber. The elegant matt black glass bottle is embellished with a plaque set in the centre of the perfume and a metallised collar, both in rose gold to enhance the charm and femininity of the precious metal.

Golden Bouquet – Eau de Parfum - 100ml

Golden Bouquet by Roccobarocco draws the outline of an enchanting exotic garden, tropical lychee, spicy bergamot, tangy lemon and juicy red berries create a sparkling introduction to the fragrance. Enveloping rose, delicate peony, talcum violet and warm amber make up the sensual heart. Cashmere wood, musk and caramel intertwine to create a captivating oriental floral blend, leaving an unforgettable sensation in the air. Yellow gold is the metal that accompanies and embellishes the ornaments of the elegant matt black bottle.

Platinum Dream – Eau de Parfum - 100ml

Platinum Dream by Roccobarocco is inspired by one of the rarest and most precious metals, platinum, which colours the inserts of the matt black bottle. The fragrance exudes the essence of the pure strength of masculine charm, also attracting those who like strong scents in the feminine world. The top notes radiate a bold fusion of nutmeg, aromatic lavender and spicy cardamom. Earthy cedarwood, smoky guaiac and rich gurjun form a harmonious accord at the heart of the fragrance, while the seductive base notes are earthy patchouli, resinous labdanum and musks, leaving an indelible mark of strength, sophistication and charm. This fragrance is dedicated to those who combine confidence and elegance.

Iron Extreme – Eau de Parfum - 100ml

The ‘Iron extreme’ perfume by Roccobarocco is composed of a captivating oriental woody fragrance and a matt black bottle with iron-coloured inserts that enhance the modern style of contemporary art.
The fragrance opens with a refreshing blend of cool water, tangy bergamot and juicy pear to invigorate the senses. Incense, rich patchouli and warm tonka bean create a mystical heart that intoxicates the soul. Base notes of patchouli, amber, vanilla and musks provide a seductive and innovative atmosphere. The perfume is dedicated to those who like to push themselves beyond their comfort zones.

Adv campaign

Rocco Barocco’s fashions are often bold, bright, asymmetrical, striking and distinctive. Gold fabrics and details, sparkling sequins and exquisite embroidery have exerted a constant fascination for Barocco. Barocco also prefers fine fabrics such as satin, cashmere and crepes to create a soft and sumptuous effect with its designs. He was a major influence in the 1980s, when his use of optical illusion and black and white patterns became very popular. Her contemporary fashions often combine the incongruous, as she chooses to combine strong styles with bright colors to create unforgettable fashion masterpieces. Whether her fashions suggest masculinity or portray soft femininity, her Italian styles are always perfection personified with their exquisite cuts, superlative balance and matchless details. The brand embodies the words: rigor, humor, audacity and poetic imagination.

Me divina

Me Divina is the new feminine perfume by Rocco Barocco created to enhance the sensuality and mystery of a diva in every woman. The fragrance is born with personality thanks to cardamom, pink pepper and violet leaves, continues with the intoxicating floral notes of Cistus combined with nutmeg and peach to conclude with the sweetness of Vanilla, Vetiver and Amber that give great persistence creating a divine perfume.

Last King

Roccobarocco joins the Gold Queen line with the new fragrance for men: Last King. The black shaded bottle and the silver cap give the project a masculine and elegant character. The musky woody fragrance opens with fresh and citrus notes, while the body rich in precious woods is enhanced with musky base notes that accentuate its persistence. A modern fragrance, rich in noble raw materials with great personality: a perfume worthy of a King.

Gold Queen

Roccobarocco signs the feminine fragrance: Gold Queen.
A royal name for an elegant and sumptuous fragrance.
The bottle is enclosed in a precious black case framed by gold-colored edges The richness of this project is also enhanced by the golden capsule that closes a multi-faceted bottle. The fragrance opens in an explosion of fruity and spicy notes, to discover a floral and gourmand heart and then give woody and musky notes. An Eau de Parfum for a self-confident, sophisticated and very elegant woman, as well as a queen.

For Me

For Me by Rocco Barocco, a tribute to modern, strong, free and sensual femininity. The fragrance comes from exceptional raw materials: Lymph and Bitter Orange blend in a flowery heart of Tuberose, Cyclamen, Jasmine, Narcissus and Iris, concluding with notes of Sandalwood, Amber and musk for a sensational persistence.
The For Me perfume is enclosed in an exclusive faceted bottle with a pearl capsule by RB.
Its precious case is glossy white plasticized framed by hot gold edges.

My Sir

The bottle is shaded from the top to the bottom and embellished with a silkscreen in relief in hot silver. The capsule, also black and signed RB, takes up the geometry of the bottle, enhancing its shape. Very fresh character of bergamot, grapefruit and rhubarb with spicy accents of ginger along with black pepper and aromatic tones of lavender. Black amber and patchouli envelop the perfume in a shadow of mystery. An Eau de Toilette for self-confident, elegant and sophisticated men, like true gentlemen.

Black & White


Roccobarocco presents its very first fragrance: Uno
One, a historic success for the Roccobarocco maison. A classic perfume, but at the same time capable of releasing a sophisticated and not at all obvious elegance. The hexagonal box characterized by the strong chromatic contrast between the black color and the orange color, immediately denotes the bursting personality of the fragrance. The bottle in the shape of an ancient column is embellished with the color of amber that fades until it disappears when it reaches the capital. The floral and citrus fragrance releases warm notes that evoke the most intense perfumes of Eastern countries. The perfume is dedicated to a woman who loves traditions, elegant, sensual and unique.



Roccobarocco Tre is a refined feminine fragrance launched in 1991. Its design is asymmetrical, majestic and classic and recalls the grandeur of the columns in ancient Roman temples. The fragrance opens with an intense aroma thanks to its fruity top notes with delicious accents of peach, passion fruit and black currant to explode in a delicate floral bouquet of jasmine, lily of the valley, violet and magnolia creating a warm and enveloping atmosphere on the finish thanks to the musks that characterize its base notes. A precious fragrance with a sophisticated design. A perfect fragrance for a sensual and elegant woman.