The iPure® sanitizing formula

In formulating the perfumes of the iPure line, we thought about how to sanitize and perfume the rooms you frequent and the clothes you wear, to give you maximum safety against viruses and bacteria and the guarantee of selected fragrances of the highest quality that enhance your style of life.
The innovation of our iPure® sanitizing formula consists in having been able to combine three factors in the best possible way: Power sanitizing, 70% alcohol, thyme and tea tree, new and trendy fragrances created by the best “noses” in the world and innovative molecules that allow the product to last longer once it is sprayed into the air.
Attention to the safety and well-being of our consumers has been thought through at 360 degrees; we therefore coated the packaging of all our products with a 99.9% antibacterial certified paint.


The fragrances were created, in collaboration with Givaudan, by Olivier Pescheux, author of some of the most important international perfumery successes and winner in 2016 of the Francois Coty award as the best nose in the world. The use of natural raw materials of the highest quality, coming from five different continents, gives the fragrances a strong olfactory characterization and an unparalleled persistence.
This line of fragrances knows the pleasures of hospitality and well-being, the friends you will receive will feel protected and privileged; thanks to the countless sophisticated and unforgettable facets, these sublime perfumes allow for total escape.
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