In 1986 Renato Guttuso designed the effigy of the god of war “Mars” for Gianni Battistoni and with the brilliant technical collaboration of Pierre Dinand, the most famous designer in world perfumery, the “Mars” bottle was born. Rich and surprising, the Mars perfume by Battistoni contains all the charm of a brand famous for its history. Sophisticated, yet spontaneous, it becomes a perfume as impossible to forget as the man who wears it. This fragrance is kept in a precious and elegant bottle, with an essential and contemporary design that underlines its sophistication and its intense and intriguing character.

Marte Red Planet

“Marte” as well as being the name that in Roman mythology represented the god of war is also the name of the planet dedicated to him and also known as the red planet (Red Planet) for its characteristic color. It is from this association of names that the new Battistoni project is born: Red Planet. Its sports packaging could not fail to be completely red, the color of power and passion. The fragrance is a mix of robust, noble and captivating notes that well embody the fighting character of the god Marte. It is obviously dedicated to men who struggle to get what they want, as strong and virtuous as the gods of antiquity. The line consists of 45 and 75 ml eau de toilette and 75 ml après rasage.

Marte Evolution

Over time, in an era in which olfactory trends rediscover the pleasures of historic Italian fragrances, Battistoni has created an eau de toilette with an exceptional fragrance: Evolution. A novelty to be included in the universe of contemporary perfumes. The Pierre Dinand bottle is presented in a sophisticated “London smoke” colored dress that makes it even more elegant.

The fragrance, a very original fresh and spicy mix, helps to offer a pleasant and captivating olfactory concept, all to be discovered. It will be a real bet that will surely win, thanks to the fact that we have changed everything without changing anything.


Marterosso by Battistoni a fragrance that looks up. A new classic for a young and dynamic man, but at the same time strong and passionate. The dynamism is well expressed by the fresh and citrus notes of bergamot and grapefruit combined with the exhilarating freshness of verbena and galbanum. Its heart notes are an explosion of spicy and delicate Mediterranean aromas that create a happy contrast between sage, rosemary, myrtle and lavender. Its rich and full base notes are enhanced by the sumptuous blend of warm notes given by oak moss, patchouli, vetiver, leather and musk.

Marte 61

House number of the famous Battistoni boutique in via Condotti in Rome. A symbol of Italian elegance and a meeting point for many artists, customers of “the living room” in via Condotti 61 for several years. There are many ingredients that give life to this fresh fragrance from Italian citrus fruits, such as bergamot and mandarin to the delicate flowers of magnolia, freesia and lily of the valley up to release the exotic notes given by sandalwood, tonka bean and musk Oak tree. The freshness and vitality of this mix is ideal for a young, dynamic and sporty man who gives the opportunity to face everyday life without ever giving up the famous Italian lifestyle that brings to mind the scenes of the famous film “La dolce vita” .

Battistoni Classico

“Classico” by Battistoni is the first fragrance created for over 40 years for the customers of its stores.

At the time, as today, the most refined men perfumed themselves with fresh and citrusy colognes and among these “Classico” stands out above all for its persistence, the classic timeless perfume.

Black Tie

Black Tie by Battistoni expresses the elegance of refined men who capture the simplicity of life without excess. The fragrance is from the Ambrato Fougère group for men. Top notes are black pepper, calabrian bergamot and florida grapefruit; middle notes are tonka bean, lavender and clary sage; the base notes are amber, musk and cedar of Morocco.


The ideal target is represented by young people or by those who feel like this, sporty strong men, dynamic, in step with the times and the latest trends, who love elegance without flaunting it, feeling at ease even with a sporty or balanced informal garment. So those who in perfume want to affirm their desire for freedom and not be conditioned and approved. The fragrance blends sparkling citrus and spice accents, has a floral woody character and is complemented by oakmoss, sandalwood and ambergris. All this gives freshness, persistence and sensuality. Both the bottle and the box have a modern and elegant design, gunmetal color that blends with the elegance of the glass from which the perfume shines through. The format is in spray cap for a more comfortable and modern use.